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Ohhh! the little stinker

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Or should I say smartie pants.


Many of you will identify with my astonishment and think it's old hat, but for me it's just plain eye opening! Well here we are enjoying a great game of fetch and some hide and seek but all of a sudden Jedi acts like he's forgotten how to play. Why oh why does he drop the frisbee over there when I'm right here??? Why oh why oh why...OH yeah! He wants me to throw it from a different area because he 's bored with this area and wants to try it from somewhere else! And you know what? He's right. It is more fun to move around so I can't be mad :rolleyes:


He takes turns playing fetch with Cadi who is a total ball hog. When he wants her to come back out to play he drops the frisbee in front of the slider where she's waiting.


He's also decided it doesn't make sense to follow me around while I'm getting his food ready so he'll just sit by his bowl and wait thank you very much.


Still a smiling BC owner after 2 mo.



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Mine does the same thing, I throw the frisbee and he will drop it jjuuuusssttt out of reach. I normally will say no, closer and turn my back and what do you know. Oh, he does still want to play... he will drop right at my feet. I never let him win this one. I make him bring it to me every time.

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