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I need to find a good home for my BC.


I know - please spare me the hate messages and the lectures.


I could give you a sob about why but the bottom line is this, my BC needs a good home.


I don't give him the attention he needs and I know he needs a good home where he will get lots of attention. My wife and I are gone all day and well, he looks sad to me.


I live near Denver and he has all his shots and a locator chip and is in good health. If any of you are from Colorado and would love to have this black and white BC, about 35 lbs - probably mixed with a tiny bit of cocker spaniel, please email me.


I've contacted the 2 rescues in my area and no one has reponded - so if you are from one of the rescues please contact me.


I don't want any money for him - I just want him to be happy and in a good home.





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What rescues have you contacted? Please do not bring him anywhere but a BC rescue and the Boulder Humane Society! Last I knew they were the only non-kill shelter in the Denver Metro area. I do not live in Co any more, but if all else fails please PM me. I will find someone to at least get him somewhere safe.



*** You might want to post this in the rescue section, there are a lot of people here who can help***

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I know - please spare me the hate messages and the lectures.

No hate message, no lecture. At one point, I thought that Annie was unhappy; fortunately, it turned out to be a physical problem that was fixed. But at that time I resolved that, as much as I dearly loved my dog and would be heartbroken and inconsolable if I had to give her up, I would do so if it was in the best interest of the dog. You have had to make an incredibly hard decision, and one senses the pain in your post; you have my empathy. You are not abandoning your dog on someone's doorstep; you are making a good faith effort to find it a better home, with people who you know love the breed. I hope all works out for you. I would only counsel that you be sure that this is what you want to do, and that it is in fact best for the dog; for the sad truth is, you will revisit this decision more times than you would like for the rest of your life.

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I would also try Maxfund. I know there is a waiting list, but they are a TRUE no-kill shelter and if you don't mind him staying with you until he can get in-they will find him a fantastic home. I know we (WBCR) have so many dogs that we probably cannot take in another right now, but please do try Maxfund. www.maxfund.org


I am also willing if you need help, to exercise your pup sometimes! How old is he? Do you have any pictures?

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Yes, I'm going to keep him until he has a good home. There is no way I'm going to dump him anywhere. He is too good of a dog to dump off.


Thanks for your concern.



Thanks for the pix. He looks like a lovely dog. How old again? Please update us and let us know if you have been able to follow up with the suggested contacts.

Good luck to all of you during this difficult time. I second Bustopher's comments.


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