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Ma, she's LOOKING at me again!

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My little Violet is a lovely sweet girl but she obsessively works other dogs. :rolleyes: Although I correct her every. single. time. :D she does it, sometimes when she's out of my sight the first I know about it is when a dog fight breaks out. :D


But now, I have an informer. :D



As soon as Violet starts giving Scot the eye, he sits his considerable self down and bark-bark-barks until I come and correct her. :D What a good boy.:D

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Hey Sally! Looks like Scot's starting to fill out a bit since I last saw him. Sounds like he's become a good fit for all, ( cept Vi ) Glad to see him looking so good, and doing his duty as head tattle tale. So glad he's feeling better too. What a handsome fella.

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Thanks for the good laugh :rolleyes: He's like "Hey Mom!! come here, she's doing it again!!"

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