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Carol Campion Flanking Clinic, June 21-22, PA

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JUNE 21-22, 2008

@KERALES FARM Quakertown, PA


The focus of this clinic is the proper training, handling, and execution of flanks. Carol will outline and teach her "program" of training flanks, and the system she uses to apply them to all fundamental aspects of sheepdog training. Early outrun training, teaching correct stops, incorporating flanks into driving, flanking at the pen and at the shed, and troubleshooting will all be addressed over the two days. By teaching flanks in a structured way, the dog learns more quickly, and the handler is better able to handle tough situations in both farm and trial work. A primary goal of the clinic is to enable the handler to be able to recognize when a dog is flanking poorly, and the effect it has on the sheep.


The first day will be very topical---flanks, stops, and outruns. Carol will really zero in on the flanking and stopping problems which do lead to poor outruns, lack of success in penning and the inability to shed properly. The second day will put this into practice with outrunning and, for those ready, driving, penning, and shedding. All dogs will work initially in the round pen where Carol will analyze and discuss each dog's flanks.


This will be an intensive training clinic, and thus is limited to 10 handlers.

FMI: Leslie Whitney keralesbc@juno.com

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