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Hi again. Alex is doing much better. She plays nicely with the cats. Oskar and Tony actually let her herd them. Then they turn around and chase her. It' really cute to watch and they are having fun. She's much better about me paying attention to other animals. Still not top on her list, but she'll sit there and do nothing. She is really responding to the enough and never mind commands. She's showing a lot more confidence, which is a good thing for her. I've also learned that when a new situation arises if I don't immediately think oh no what's gonna happen and then give her a chance to react on her own and if need be tell her to never mind everything goes much better.

I think we are actually getting closer and I love her more and more if that's possible.


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That's great...! I'm sure that Alex is a having a blast. Thanks for the update on her. She's adorable. And the snow in the picture is so thick! Where I live...there is no snow in the winter! (Florida)


In upstate New York the snow can be very thick. The dogs love it. Alex has 2 Labrador Retriever brothers.

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