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affordableagility.com has really nice equipment. Ebay has some good stuff too. I'm currently building up my collection REALLY slowly. For 150 dollars I got a nice tunnel, weaves, and a single duffle jump from affordable agility.

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I'll second the promotion for affordable agility! All my stuff is from there. Its really--well--affordable compared to other places. I got the "travel jump set" that has four jumps for just 80 bucks. Its perfect for backyard agility.

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Depending on your budget, you can get the necessary stuff, spikes and cups to hold the jump bars, and then make it yourself out of PVC from Lowes or Home Depot. I have bought 12 foot pvc pipes for $2 - 4 each and cut them with a hand saw. So you can get yourself set up with jumps and weaves pretty economically, which lets you do a lot of the backyard exercises from Clean Run to improve your handling. It's a start, anyway.


Beware of kits that are mostly cones or pretty colored tape and measuring tapes. Beware of stuff that is too lightweight.

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