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Rottweilers and bone cancer

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I am sorry to bring up a painful topic, and even sorrier if I should have mentioned it sooner. If friends/relatives are planning to adopt or buy a Rottie pup, they should be aware that early spay/neuter makes Rotties "significantly more likely to develop bone sarcoma."


Endogenous gonadal hormone exposure and bone sarcoma risk.

Cooley DM, Beranek BC, Schlittler DL, Glickman NW, Glickman LT, Waters DJ.

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907, USA.


Risk for bone sarcoma was significantly influenced by age at gonadectomy. Male and female [Rottweilers] that underwent gonadectomy before 1 year of age had an approximate one in four lifetime risk for bone sarcoma and were significantly more likely to develop bone sarcoma than [Rottweilers] that were sexually intact [RR +/-95% CI = 3.8 (1.5-9.2) for males; RR +/-95% CI = 3.1 (1.1-8.3) for females]. Chi(2) test for trend showed a highly significant inverse dose-response relationship between duration of lifetime gonadal exposure and incidence rate of bone sarcoma (P = 0.008 for males, P = 0.006 for females). This association was independent of adult height or body weight.


Link to the abstract on PubMed.


Link to the complete article.


Yet another reason mandatory spay/neuter laws make me angry. [i blogged about it this morning.]

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