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Does anyone have a nibbler?

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Lilly does not have a biting problem, per se' but she does love to nibble on the tips of your fingers as she walks with you. Think jumping up and getting the tips of your fingers with her very front teeth. All very gentle but not sure if I should stop it or not. I don't really mind, and she only does it with myself or dh (not with the kids).


Anyone else have this?

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Nellie does this also either on the fingers or the ankle (dang ankle-biter :D ). We haven't been too worried about it since it is gentle, however, we have some friends that come over with teenage girls (i.e. drama queens) that see this and are convinced that Nellie is going to attack them and tear them limb for limb :rolleyes:


We will usually just keep her away from people like this and it hasn't really been a problem.


I am sure others will be along with more advice soon.

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This is something that causes no apparent harm but may escalate or result in a problem, so you may wish to discourage the behavior now. The longer you allow it to continue, the more ingrained and habitual it will be.


Let her know you aren't pleased by the behavior by reacting with an "ouch" or "yelp" sound and withdrawing your hand/fingers as you walk. That's how one pup will let another know that that pup has been too rough or gone too far.


That's a simple correction. If it doesn't get the required result (and you may need to do it quite a bit until you see a result), you may need to withdraw your hand/fingers and give a sharp "ahhh" (I can't spell it but others can) to express your displeasure at the behavior.


If that doesn't produce results (and she may step back and look at you, and you just proceed on your walk - she should get the idea and reduce and eventually eliminate the behavior), you may need to step up the correction by making the verbal correction ("ahhh") and taking hold of her scruff and even giving a little shake (just like a mother dog would do).


These are smart dogs and will learn quickly but, perhaps more quickly than they learn "good" behavior, they can pick up "bad" habits. She has found a way to "entertain" herself that isn't harmful but which could cause some problems in the future, particularly (as noted) with children or other people. The longer you let an unacceptable behavior continue, the more it becomes habit and the harder it is to overcome. Trust me on this, I am as guilty as anyone!


Best wishes!

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I agree, do not let this behaviour un-noticed, or there's a great chance it will progress into something more annoying, probably towards the kids or strangers. Sue's advice is great!


Certain bad behaviours get stuck with them so easy, and it even depends on the person, for example Ouzo knows he's not allowed to pull on my t-shirts or pants while I'm walking in the house, but, in the same time, he does that to my husband, who lets him do it, so he always ends up walking with a dog hanging off the leg of his shorts :rolleyes:


It's because I've always told Ouzo not to do this to me, and now I don't have such a problem, but Chris does

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Thanks, your confirming my opinion... we have been correcting with "no bites" but your "ouch" method might be worth a try as well.


She is learning boundaries right now, she would not play when we first got her, and was easily correctible on the no bites, but I've been trying to loosen her up with play, and then she gets excited and does the finger nibbling. We will stay the course.

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