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Take on another one??

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Hi Everyone,


You may know my situation, as I've been asking lots of questions on this board. I have had a baby B/C for 1 week now. I'm a veteran B/C guy, but its been a year since my 16 year old passed on. Last night I was playing with the puppy in the front yard, when a beautiful Australian Shepard ran across the street to play with my puppy. My neighbors son is at local university, and had taken on this puppy. Its been living in an apartment and has been evicted. Its not living across the street with his parents and they want to get rid of her. She is very sweet, loves to play with my puppy, and has all around good manners. Taking on my little one is a big job, but what does everyone think about adding a companion for my little puppy? I have access to 600 acres for running, and plan on getting into agility training, but in not sure if my home will eaten by these two high energy girls. Any advice would be appreciated

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Dan, I guess you've been following the thread recently about getting another dog while your Border Collie is a week pup. How old is the Aussie? Trained? The main issue to worry about when adding another dog is time rather than space. Your wee one is at an age where you need to be doing lots and lots of bonding and training and play with her. That takes lots of time. And if you take on another dog, you really need more than double that amount of time over the next few months.


Your girl will love to have a companion - but seriously, I would wait until she's got a fair amount of training under her belt - especially as, in light of your 'escape' thread, it seems that she's a pretty 'go-ey' little girl - which you will really like if agility is in your future.


That said, it's to your credit that you're thinking of trying to help the Aussie.

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How old is the Aussie pup? I'm usually in the minority on this topic, I had good results raising two puppies together and I think provided you understand that training is going to take longer and of course there will be a bigger commitment of time and money, it is generally ok. In your case, since your pup is so young, I'd wait a couple of months if you can. If this Aussie is off to the pound or something, and you have the time, space, and money, I'd take her. Ideally, perhaps they can keep her a couple more months and then you can take her.

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