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I keep looking at her

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I've looked at this girl every day for the last few days. She's so beautiful, but it says that she bites when afraid and she's not good with kids. We have kids around a lot and I'm not sure that I would be capable of helping with fear issues. I'm also not sure how she is with other dogs.



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I have a fear biter, but she is excellant with kids. My four-year-old great-niece loves on her, will shove her and otherwise rough her up--not in a mean way, but you know four year olds.


Whisper did not like men, though we worked through this issue. She still is not overly fond of teen-aged boys, hats, hoodies, uniforms, anyone with an authoriative demeanor, and did I mention teen-age boys? And with DH's teen and twenty-something sons, guess who shows up most often? At any rate, these kids are all pretty dog savvy, and if there is a particular boy that Whisper does not like, I usually know to watch out for him. I am vigilant, and when I see that Whisper has reach the limits of her tolerance, I take her into a quiet room and let her decompress.


I think it is all a matter of what you're willing to work with...if you have very young children, I wouldn't risk a potential dog bite. If it's kids that are older and ones you can trust to actually listen to you when you tell them not to approach the dog, then maybe it's worth a shot.


She is lovely!

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