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Dexter is getting emasculated!

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Send your positive thoughts our way to Dexter! I feel like I'm going a bit crazy...I KNOW this is a perfectly routine procedure. I KNOW there is nothing to worry about. But, he's my little Dex and I'm worried about him!!


I can't wait until this evening when I can pick him up!!!


I've always thought the term "neutered" was somewhat derogatory. I don't believe the procedure will take away any of the amazingly fun-loving and good-natured personality traits that little Dexter exhibits! Nor will it make him any less "manly" :rolleyes:

You are doing the right thing and he will be acting like he is good as new as soon as you get him back! Don't worry -


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Good luck! I know what it's like to worry, whether or not it's irrational to others. I couldn't get Quynn out of my mind for the seven hours he was at the veterinary office, but he came out his fun-loving, adventurous self, none the worse. You're doing a wonderful thing - and I'm sure he'll be fine! :rolleyes:

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It's a straight-forward surgery - no worries. He'll be a bit tender for a couple days, but he'll bounce back very quickly.


Anyway, thank you for being a responsible owner, and best wishes to Dexter for an ouch-free recovery.

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Why is it that 'emasculation' sounds much more painful than de-sexing or neutering? :D


Anyway, well done for taking that action. Best wishes for a safe surgery and successful recovery. I've had two boys 'done' - quite different reactions. My previous boy lay on the couch looking miserable, with his hand to his forehead (metaphorically) like an old cinema heroine - for something like a week - although he actually ate well, and would forget about it when we were doing stuff. My current boy, who is generally body-sensitive - sailed through with no dramas - in fact, he and my bitch - de-sexed on the same day - escaped through a small hole in the fence the very next day and went to play with some kids they had hear on the street. :rolleyes: Luckily I got them back safely - no worse for the experience.


You might ask your vet if Dexter will be given pain meds - my vet does that routinely now, so the dogs come home comfortable (from memory I think it was a Metacam injection.) Your vet will give you post-surgery instructions, but if in doubt, call the vet to ask about anything which seems worrying.


Oh, and one more thing - often the scrotal sac will remain quite swollen for a week or two, then gradually subside. Does lead you to wonder whether the 'job' was actually done, and/or whether neuticles were implanted :D .


All the best to you and Dexter.



ET fix typo - fingers raced each other. :D

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I'm sure he'll be fine. It's a very simple surgery. But I worried when my Black Jack went under to take x-rays. I know he'll be fine.


Prayers said from me and Black Jack.

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Sorry I've been quiet! My computer is in the shop...anywho, Dexter is fabulous!! There have been absolutely no problems. They gave him an extra pain med shot before I left the vet (he was in a LOT of pain when they brought him out to me), and that let him sleep through the night. The next morning (Tuesday), he was already bouncing off the walls like his old self! Of course, I've had to try to keep him quiet! That was easy once I figured out just how much he responds to me...when I was quiet and just sitting on the couch watching TV, he'd do the same and chill out. If I got up to do anything (even load the dishwasher!) he'd be up and ready to play. So, it gave me a nice reason to vege for a day!!! I knew he was good at responding to me, but that level of reaction surprised me!!!


He's still wearing hie e-collar. I want to take it off of him when I'm with him. I also want to bring him with me to the farm this weekend. Dear BF is being a bit of a paranoid dad, though, and is of the opinion that the collar should stay on for the 10 days the vet instructed. He also thinks Dex should not go to the farm! I partly agree with him...just bc I'm uber paranoid about that wound reopening. But I want him to not have to wear the collar anymore!


FYI: the vet did send me home with antibiotics and pain meds. And, for anyone who might be interested, he had this done at Banfield. As far as I can tell, they did a great job. The only "complaint" I had was that they made me do all the paperwork AFTER they brought him out to me. Once he knew I was there (when they brought his collar into the back), he was ready to go home. Because they did the paperwork after they brought him out, he had to sit by my feet without my attention. THEN we had to go into PetSmart to buy the ecollar....very inefficient.


But, overall, everything was fine and great!! Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts...they worked!

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