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Training Moss (update)


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This isn't as nice a video or even close to the quality of Denise's of May but, here May's bro Moss and where he is now. Hopefully we'll get together soon and Denise will make one of those nice ones of Mr Handsome too. :rolleyes:


I'm not being very insistent about his "lie down" (or "time now" which sounds awfully similar on here) because of where he is in his training - i let the dogs push on it a bit when learning to drive and then clean it up later. I'm very pleased with his progress since the last video in December, he's coming along very well and you can see he's beginning to master the skills he'll need to be a good work and trial dog.



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Hi -


I thought i'd post the latest Moss video here. He's 16 months old now and ready for ProNovice, and i'm pretty sure he could handle a Nursery course as well. He wasn't taking his stop and slow down whistles quite as crisply on the video as he has been, but he still was working pretty well. He's turning out to be a pretty nice dog and the sheep seem to like and trust him.



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Wow, Robin, he looks great! Put me second in line after Christine! :rolleyes: And can my next young dog go to Camp Wobin? :D What a nice job you've done with him.


Aww, thanks! He's a good boy and we're having lots of fun. Oh, btw Deb, i thought of you when i took this yesterday :D



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