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white border collies black eye marking

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Hi, sorry I know this topic is years old, and you might not be on here any more, but I was searching the internet to find out if my dog was a normal colour for a Border Collie and I came across this photo of Bandit. My girl Sidney came from a rescue centre just outside Saskatoon a year ago (she's 3 yrs old now), but what a resemblance! I had to just add my photo because I thought mine was such an usual colour and wondered what other breeds of dogs she had in her mix. The first photo is how she looked when she was rescued bless her, the second photo is with all her new fur after being nursed back to health. Maybe she's more Border Collie than I first realised :-)





Bandit has a lot of ticking but is nonetheless predominantly white:


I think she has been with us for almost a year - I am sure they arrived in February.



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I'm happy you un-earthed an old thread, because those photo's are fabulous, and fascinating. Your pup's colours reminds me of oreo ice-cream bars, and really really cute. Such fun to see.

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