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Tommy, with a tough life!


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There's a lady who moved into my neighborhood a few years ago. At 45, she got married, bought a house, moved, and took a new job. She brought her big, gorgeous, sleek dog Tommy with her. He was a black Great Dane/shepherd mix, with absolutely stunning lines. Picked up from a rescue... doubtless left there because he had serious epilepsy or seizure disorder.


Tommy's owner worked really hard for years - changing his meds, adjusting his walking schedule, taking him to classes. The meds he was own created high anxiety in the dog, and some nights she'd literally be up with him for hours as he whined and paced the floor. Other nights, she'd sit up while he seized for hours at a time. A few nights ago, Tommy had a seizure episode that lasted 3 hours. The owner and her husband had promised themselves and Tommy that the next time he had such a bad episode, they'd put him down. So, they took him to his favorite park the other day, let him run and sniff for two happy hours, and then said good-bye.


He was a good dog, and deserved better than he got. The owner dealt with this very difficult choice for several years. My heart goes out to her this week, and I hope yours will, too.



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