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Ghost has improved SO much in his crate, I think we're on the way to complete silence in our house... at some points in the day anyways :rolleyes: We're using a variety of methods, since one single method was not working for him. We've combined postive things in his crate, (He gets a meaty bone whenever he goes in his crate, going to switch it to a greenie or other more temporary goodie though) a shake can or tossing a rolled up newspaper at the crate, (It gets his attention) ignoring him and only letting him out when he's calm (Which takes longer but gets the point accross well) along with, obviously, less time in the crate. (He gets attached to me or the table when I can't watch him, instead of going in his crate)


All these combined things have really improved his overall behavior, we can get his noise level down to quiet whining most of the time, complete silence a lot of the time, and he doesn't go on for hours anymore, which I'm sure our neighbors appreciate. :D


We still have a long road ahead of us, but I just wanted to thank everyone that gave me their thoughts and advice when I really needed it. :D



As for Sierra, now rechristened Spirit, she is doing GREAT. She is such a sweetie, and SO calm in the house, but she can kick up her energy if she needs to. I just started obedience class with her yesterday, and she is the class clown! Whenever she had enough, (Even in the middle of heelwork) she would just plop down, lay on her side and stare at me with her big brown eyes. She had everyone laughing, including me! :D


I didn't get a chance to take any new pics, but Jair snapped this one last night and I think it's hilarious!


It's superdog!!



Spirit's expression is priceless! :D



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going to switch it to a greenie or other more temporary goodie though


Please research these if you have not already. Many dogs do not digest them correctly and it will sit in their intestines and just absorb liquid and bloat the dog.


Edited to add link from cnn about Greenies



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That is a GREAT picture. Have you tried peanut butter in a kong or everlasting bone that he can chew on. Mine LOVES peanut butter.


Thank you! :D


We did PB in a kong for a while, but he got bored. :rolleyes: I stuff biscuits in there sometimes, and his dog food, but he doesn't seem to like his kong that much to be honest, getting OUT of his crate is the thing that usually interests him the most. :D

I've never heard of an everlasting bone though, I'll look into that.



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sterilized natural bone


I wouldn't call that an everlasting bone. My dogs can kill those. they do like Nylabones the really hard ones but I don't think it'd be a high enough value treat for my dogs if I was looking for something like quiet crate time with one that might have crate issues.


The real bones might be ok but I just had one the other night that all the dogs had been working on split into pieces and it ended up cutting one of their feet.

I can't believe they still sell greenies. I thought they quit selling them


I'd add pig ears to your never list, it was like rawhide to us. Gave some of the pups horrible bloody poo.


Find something reall good to put in the kong. How bout frozen human meat baby food. NEver had a dog turn that down!



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I'd add pig ears to your never list, it was like rawhide to us. Gave some of the pups horrible bloody poo.



Yes, I NOW agree with this. I used to give my last border pig ears and he just loved them with no ill effect. However, my wife was trying to be nice and bought my pup some while I was at work and gave him one; after all, Skyler used to eat them once a week. Well, I wouldnt have given one to a puppy and it absolutely gave him massive runs with some blood in spots. He had it so bad that he went all over his crate. I have had him since 7 weeks and hes now almost 5 months and he has never gone in his crate. They are EVIL I tell you!


I find that bully sticks are good as well as natural raw bones. My pet store sells them frozen and Koda loves them. They are also cheaper for two than one of the same thing basted you buy on the shelf. I woudnt give a new one daily but they are a great treat.

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