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Giving first HW preventative after treatment


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Ah, yes. I remember the days when I could still feel Spirit's ribs--we will find them again, I swear. :D Scot truly is a sizeable guy, then, even at his HW-fighting weight. :D


The vet thinks Scot's still growing and will put on another ten lbs. or so. He may be right - he has that sort of loose-jointed puppy build. And I noticed today the discoloration on his molars is fading, so that may have had more to do with environment than age.


Hey, have you ever heard of Wet Dogs? It's an organization that sponsors water events for dogs, using the criteria from the water rescue test for Newfoundlands. The dogs have to perform certain tasks, like swimming a line out to their handler and towing her back to shore. It's open to all breeds and mixes - a Chinese Crested earned her Wet Dog title, according to the website. :rolleyes:


Anyway, I brought it up because it sounds like great exercise that wouldn't be hard on the big guy's joints but might help him shed some pounds. If you'd like, I'll post the link to the website. Or you can go to the forum at Club Newf and look in the Water Newf forum for more info. :D

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That Wet Dogs idea sounds like a good one--I'm off to investigate it after I post this reply. :rolleyes:


One of the things that makes having Spirit such a learning experience for me is that he is mildly disabled from some bullet fragments he's carrying in his spine. As a result, he doesn't have much muscle mass in his back end, and he drags one foot a bit. So, while he does get some good romping while chasing Kate around the yard and some gentle exercise on our walk every day, it would be good to find a way to incorporate something low-impact into his exercise plan. And of course I should have been paying closer attention his weight gain for just this reason.


Thanks for the idea! :D

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing. The lesson is a great one for a just in case... I am soo glad to hear that he (and you) are both doing better.


And while you all are talking about the wet dogs stuff. If anyone has any suggestions on getting mine to like the water, I am ALL EARS!!!

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