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A while back when one of my good friends Mary (bordecollieBingo) joined and posted about her BC with cancer. Bingo was told her had cancer, but after lots of treatments he beat it. But just a few weeks later found out that he had it again. Mary never came back to the boards after that one post because she felt so bad thinking everyone thought she was a con or something. She came here looking for help, comfort, and prayers but left with a even more broken heart. She wasn't asking for money or help with Bingo. Just support. I told her about these boards because everyone is so good about helping other people, and giving as much support as it takes. Maybe her post was taken wrong, but it wasn't meant that way. Bingo was about the coolest dog you could ever meet. Even after he had to have one leg taken away from him. He was a good dancer and loved to play. It's with a broken heart that I thought everyone should know that Bingo passed away Monday morning in Mary's arms.


I hope that in Bingo's honor we could let all other things go and support Mary in this tough time.



Rest in peace tough guy

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Please give Mary my condolences about Bingo. My heart goes out to her.

I am one of those people (city-folk, seen very little death, never lived on a farm, wouldn't want to swat a fly or step on an ant, etc.) who was deeply affected when my first dog Riley died. She, also, died in my arms about 5 1/2 years ago now. I had told Skye that she could only be my second-best dog because, you know...But lately I've been telling Skye she IS the best dog because she is here with me now. I know that Mary will never be able to replace Bingo, but however much time goes by, she will find room in her heart for another. And that dog will be a different dog -- but one who needs her just as much.

I am also sad that she didn't find the solace she needed here. Maybe she could try again.


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Please pass on my condolences. I have lost a BC to cancer and know how frustrating it is to watch your pet slowly succumb to the disease. I also maxed out paying vet bills when my dog was sick. Actually, I had one dog land in the ICU for a week then a month later the cancer diagnosis in my older dog. Days after he died my cat needed thousands of dollars in emergency surgery. It was the summer from Hell for me. I had care credit, a credit card, loans from family, I sold my washer and dryer and an extra car I had (belonged to a family friend that died) and I still struggled. I understand what she was going through and don't think she should be ashamed of fighting so hard for her dog.


BTW, here is the post. (http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=14387&hl=) I honestly don't know why she felt that bad/unwelcome. Once her story was verified people tried to help. I agree that it is foolish to send money to a total stranger without making sure everything checks out.

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I don't think she felt unwelcome by any means. Just felt bad that some people thought she wanted money when she didn't ask for money in her first post. I am going to pass this post on to her. I'm sure it will bring a smyle to her face. Thanks guys.

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Please pass this along to Mary for me:


High up in the courts of Heaven today

A little dog-angel waits.

With the other dogs he will not play,

But he sits alone at the Gates.


”For I know my mistress will come”, says he,

”And when she comes, she will call for me.”


And his mistress far down on the earth below,

As she sits in her easy chair

Forgets sometimes, and she whistles low

For the dog that is not there;


And the little dog-angel cocks his ears

And dreams that his mistress' call he hears.


And I know when at length his mistress waits

Outside in the dark and cold

For the hand of Death to open the gates

That lead to the Courts of Gold,


The little dog-angel's eager bark

Will comfort her soul while she's still in the dark.


adapted from a poem by Norah M. Holland, 1870


Go with God, little one...

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