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Skye-dog has turned over a new leaf

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I just wanted to give my appreciation for the advice offered by many of you about handling Skye and her "police" barking. She has been making real progress and has really been paying much more attention to me when I re-direct her. This has been the secret: me. I had gotten to the point where I felt that I had made as much of a connection with her as I thought possible; I don't know if that makes sense. I somehow thought that this behaviour was irreversible, just her personality and/or that I wasn't skilled enough to modify it. I felt that in regards to this behaviour she was calling the shots. But I am happy to report that I have changed my perception about this. Her recall is much better, even when there is a possession involved or two dogs playing that she has to break up. She responds instantly to my requests to "Leave it/them alone" and "Stay with me". And I'm not concerned about taking her by the collar or putting her on lead when she is over-stimulated, which is something I would have hesitated about doing before (not from fear -- well maybe a bit of foolish pride -- and just not wanting her to miss out on any fun!). And now she is constantly looking at me to see what I'm going to say about something.

Of course all of this makes me wonder: to what extent was she waiting for me to set the limits, is she just old enough now to really pay attention (5 1/2) or is it me? :rolleyes:


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