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RIP Rowan. You were an awesome dog. :(


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Tiga's best friend Rowan (a rottie) passed away this morning. We are all very sad. We knew it was coming as she was diagnosed with cancer in January. Last night we went over for a visit not knowing how quickly she went downhill. Once we got there her owners told us that she'd had a bad evening and if they could get her in this morning then she was being PTS. They called first thing this morning and Rowan passed away in the car on the way to the vet. We got to say our goodbye's last night. I'm not sure how Tiga will react when we go there now. I know he's going to miss her just as much as we will if not more.


Rest in peace honey. You are loved and missed by everyone that met you. Thank you for letting me have the honor to have loved you.

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Thank you Julie. I know they'll appreciate it. This was my first time dealing with cancer in an animal. It all happened very quickly.


We brought Tiga over there tonight. He didn't stop looking for her the whole time we were there. He was acting very confused. I wish we could explain it to him.

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