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more questions about merles


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It's nice to be right about the breeding, but seeing the dogs out there filling rescue is so annoying and sad. Even the one good dog in this family tree might not even be there - it's hard to know when records aren't kept correctly and dogs aren't kept in such a way that breeding is regulated.


Thanks for the information!

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Wow, talk about a walk through the past. The merle is probably coming from KC Simon Says, way back in that pedigree. My Bailey was a daughter of that dog --




He came from the Sagebrush dogs out in SD and was owned by a small scale backyard breeder here in NC. She had several breeds, puppies all the time, etc. Bailey was my first BC and i didn't know squat when i got her, just found the ad in the paper and went and got her. As you can see from the picture, Bailey was a bit aussie looking on her own, especially for a bitch.

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