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We ended up adopting the little BC girl from our local shelter, and I'm so glad we did, she is just the perfect match for us! She doesn't even need a crate, she sleeps on the bed with us, and when she needs to settle down she does right away. She's even basically housebroken. (The only 2 accidents she's had have both been my fault) We've had her for almost 2 weeks, but I just got some good pics of her, so I thought I'd post them up for you all. :D


She was afraid of the camera for a little white, so that's why she looks a little shy in these first few pics.








We're hoping to start herding lessons this weekend. :D




Ghost and Sierra in the backyard








Ghost after getting rolled numerous times in the muddy yard :rolleyes:






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Congratulations. Thanks for saving her :rolleyes:





That's how I got my Jack...with this snow/rain thing we've had I give him a shower at least once a week...so hard to keep a white doggie clean.



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Thanks everyone! :D


Yes, they get along great, though Ghost was booted from his top dog spot. (Fine by me! :D ) He still likes to think he runs things though. :rolleyes:


Sierra loves to chase Ghost around the yard, but I made a safe place for him on the concrete slab next to me, so when he runs over I'll hold a hand out to Sierra and she'll lay down until Ghost is ready to go again. Though lately Ghost has been taking advantage of this, he'll run off after her teasing her, then run run run back over to me so I'll protect him! :D What a little booger...



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