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I went to visit the litter of BC pups that I will be choosing my new puppy from yesterday. I'm in love with a beautiful little female. She seems really bright. She has two blue eyes. My question is, will those eyes stay blue or can they change to brown. There is another female in the litter with two blue eyes also. I wish that I knew how to attach a photo, because I took some good ones. I guess I need to learn more about modern technology. Maybe someone can "learn" me as we say in Alabama.

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Most black and white (or black and white tri) pups have bluish eyes that turn to brown as they grow. Red and white (and red and white tri) pups, it appears from a recent thread, may have greenish eyes that change to more of an amber color. A pup with a very bright blue eye will have a bright blue eye as an adult.


Choose the pup you like and don't worry about eye color. It's what's behind the eyes that counts.


Best wishes!

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