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Won't be able to attend class:

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Thursday Joy has her first intermediate agility class. Last week we were supposed to go, but they were canceled due to snow. THIS thursday, I have high school night, to pick out all my classes for next year, and can't attend. Any ideas on what to practice? Can't really do much with a tunnel, weaves and a jump. I mean, I can set up a mini course, but it's not going to do much.

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You can do a lot with one jump, a tunnel and weaves.


Lead outs

Entering weaves at different angles

distance work

front crosses

back crosses

obstical discrimination

go ____

come ____


I just made 4 jumps and a set of weaves. We do 10 min. a day. Mostly obedience and body position type stuff. We only get to a formal class about once a month because of location. The only thing that needs to be added is some form of contact practice.

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