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Any Australian Shepehrd owners out there?

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Hey! I have a black tri Aussie...and she's a girl. She's really smart, and she shows affection by walking through our legs. She LOVES to play with other dogs, so, in other words, she's obsessed with the dog park. She is an outside dog. She's very smart and she knows twelve tricks. We are planning to teach her to do agility or maybe even frisbee. But she does not do that well with frisbee. She sometimes goes to catch it in the air, but she won't run after it. She'll only jog to it...so we think she'll do alot better with agility. She loves her "mini pool" but she hates the "big pool" in our backyard. She also hates baths! Gemmy is a wonderful dog and she always walks over to us and curls up in out lap. She is extremely active, too. I love Gemmy, our Aussie, and I'm sure you guys love yours too. Will you please give me some info on your Aussie? (I want to compare the behaviors) Also, in about...I don't know, ten years I'm going to get another dog and I'm thinking of getting another Aussie. But I want to collect info on a wide variety of Aussies to make sure. Thanks! :rolleyes:




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I have to say, pretty much all you say you love about her you could find in many active mixed breed dogs as well. You'd love my Maggie, who is a medium sized yellow dog. She picks up tricks faster than my Border collies (possibly from having less sheep-related stuff cluttering her brain :rolleyes: ). She hates baths but with her highly dirt shedding coat she doesn't need them - she never smells and cleans herself like a cat. She has a little bit of a "my way or the highway" attitude on sport type stuff, but we did do agility with her - I probably would have gotten more into it if the clicker had been around when we were doing that. She is now 14 years old and still likes to run with the kids and take long hikes with us in the woods.


I've had experience with Aussies and they can vary one way or the other in personality, just like Border Collies. For pet dogs I always advise adopting adults if you are looking for a dog with a certain personality.

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Well, I have three Aussies, or Aussie mixes, in my home right now, but since this is a border collie forum, I try to talk mainly about my border collies. Right now I have an Aussie foster puppy:




Here are lots of resources for talking about your Australian Shepherd though: http://www.google.com/Top/Recreation/Pets/...ats_and_Forums/



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Hi there - - I have an Aussie and a Border - - I do agility with both and also herding with the BC - -


Another great Aussie board is:




I think you will really like it - - they are very informative and love to talk about their Aussies! :D


Whoops - just noticed that it is the same link that Narita posted - - obviously great minds think alike! :rolleyes:

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