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Intentionally sit on the cat?


I mentioned in my "Howdy" topic that I have a lazy old cat I inherited from my late mother. He's been through several dogs in his lifetime so Lewie is just one more pup to him.


One day whilst working in the kitchen I turned around to see Lewie sitting on the cat! No complaints from the cat surprisingly enough. I laughed and file it away in my "funny things" memory bank and didn't think anything more about it, until I saw it again. Only this time, I watch the pup backing up, looking over each shoulder until he got himself positioned right over the cat , then plop down intentionally, using said feline as a chair.


The cat has never complained, just lies there until the dog moves. The cat could make mincemeat out of the puppy if he wanted to as he's not de-clawed and his nails are like razors. I think it's Lewie's attempt to get the cat to play with him. I'm trying to get a pic but of course the camera's never within reach.


I'm tellin' ya, it's hilarious. :rolleyes:

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Mine does too. My Black Jack will sit on Sage when she takes him spot on the floor or pad. She looks at him like "ok, sit on me. I don't care!" :rolleyes: It's so funny to watch them.

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Not so much the cat as the Maltese! LOL Probably because the cat is no where on the ground, he's always on "high" ground, hiding from Misty. Since Misty thinks Tigger is her own personal play toy! lol That's funny, your doggy better watch, if your kitty has claws, it just might feel like a pin cushion one day! LOL

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