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Does anyone have directions to the trail in georgetown,ky on 2/2 & 2/3? This is my first trial- as a spectator- should I bring a chair? I have a 12 month old border collie who will begin her training in Feb and I am very excited to attend my first trial. We have a 150 acre farm with cattle, but my sister has a farm also w/ about 120 sheep. I have read the boards and tried to envision what is being said, but I think seeing at the trial will make some things click. thanks

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Welcome, Shae!


This is one of the many wonderful trials put on as benefits for the Bluegrass Classic that is held over five days in mid-May at Lexington KY (at Masterson Station Park). The website for that is www.bluegrassclassicsdt.com and, if you look on the page for benefit trials, you will find more information about the trial you are going to see, including contact email/phone for information and also directions to the trial.


This is a wonderful group of people who put on the Bluegrass and other trials, and I'm sure you will have a great time. Try contacting them and offering to volunteer in some way. There are always jobs for the experienced and the totally inexperienced, and volunteer help is always welcomed (and, if they don't need you for help, at least you have made "contact" and a good impression).


The Bluegrass Classic is one of the nation's premier trials and you should put it on your calendar. It offers a world-class competition over five days, including an international-style finals on Sunday.


As a personal note, we have just a very small cow herd (calving between 20 and 30 cows and first-calf heifers each late winter) and I have no access to sheep at all between my monthly lessons (almost three hours away), so I am green with envy!


Very best wishes!

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