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Ziva and I have recently started doing some foundation agility work - she'll be 11mo in early February and she's been with me for about 6 months now, so I figured it was about time. Up 'til now she's been working on coordination when it comes to natural obstacles in the woods on our off leash hikes - she has a gorgeous natural jump and can do "cavalleti" fallen trees at high speeds without a misstep already - and basic obedience.


One of my friends has been giving me pointers on teaching crosses on the flat, so we've addd that to our regular targeting and basic obedience exercises. Yesterday we worked on some of the crosses and some stays at the park - she's doing beautiful crosses (front I think) at speed using hand targets and her stays are now pretty solid at about 6 feet with frisbee golf players at 100ft and hikers on the trail across the stream. :rolleyes: She'll hand target at all angles and distances with a variety of distractions and she downs pretty much instantly about 80% of the time on grass, dirt, matting, and carpeting. Her attention on me is just mind boggling, especially since we haven't really worked on it formally.


This past Thursday we tried the tunnel for the first time, and she was doing well: rocketing through from 1ft away and coming out at full speed looking for me (well and her ball too lol). Her speed is phenomenal. :D And our brag: Well tonight we brought it out again (2nd session ever) and she's now hitting the tunnel at speed from 4ft away and various angles/sides!!!!! You could've knocked me over with a feather when I saw that - I mean this was after less than 30 minutes total working on it!!!


I'm trying not to get cocky, but it's soooo hard when you see a dog doing this well after just a little work. Not to mention how fun it is to work with a dog who loves the game, not just doing it because I'm asking her to (like Maggie). Is it possible to have an instant agility dog?!

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Sounds like you're having a lot of fun - as is Ziva! Just don't get toooooo comfortable with that tunnel thing.....a common saying in agility is: Tunnels suck! They're so easy, they're often the first thing taught - cuz it's pretty hard to get it wrong (coming out the entry end is about it!). BUT if dogs learn to love them toooooo much, they'll take the tunnel every time - even when it is a discrimination with a contact obstacle. It is great that you've done a lot of

foundation work - there's never too much of that.


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I'm kinda partial to the look they have entering a tunnel. :D


Go Ziva, go! Sounds like she's off to a great start!


:D Shame you can't get much drive out of that Wick dog, Kristi :rolleyes: . (I am joking of course - I love seeing Wick pics.)


To MaggieDog - well done on the good foundation work you're doing with Ziva. Looks like she'll be a good 'un. Are you ready for the ride - my experience is these keen dogs set a pretty high standard for their handlers! :D

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