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Okay, y'all know Missy got adopted a few weeks back. All is good there. Figured poor ol Miss Lucy would be with me forever! Then, I get an e-mail from a woman interested in Lucy. Okay, we exchange a few e-mails, then, poof, I hear nothing from her. So, then another person e-mails that wants Lucy. He has a 10yr. old male(that he bred, won't get into that)and it sounds like Lucy would fit right in. They are coming on Fri. to meet and greet, and if it works out, will take her. Yay, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Then tonight, I get an e-mail from the first person, and she says her husband ended up in the hospital, and that is why she didn't get back to me. He seems to be fine now, according to her. She told me he had doubts about adding another dog. They had a BC that died last year, but have a GSDmix that they ended up adopting, they were just "keeping" it for a friend. So, I sent her an e-mail about the other people and told her she needs to let me know by tomorrow as I don't think it is fair for the other people to be left hanging. I suppose I should have told them of this woman expressing an interest, but I can't tell you how many times I have had several e-mails on the girls, and then nothing. Never hear from the people again! So, I figured this was the case again. WTH!? So, there it is. The main thing is getting Lucy a great forever home.


I feel the first person should have first opportunity. What do y'all think? Anyone been in this situation?


ETA:If I screwed up, y'all please feel free to let me have it! :rolleyes:

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This is very common, actually. You either get nothing on a dog for six months, or you are fighting people back from your doorstep. Usually the same dog. I think it's just something to do with the time of year - I often did get nibbles on long-timers at this time of year. Around here it's getting a little milder again and people are thinking of trying to pursue a more active lifestyle, or "replace" a dog who had passed the year before, or whatever.


Anyway, I will not give "dibs" to anyone. Just line up candidates, meet and greet, and then decide once you've talked to everyone. It is best if you have, at the interview, some printouts of other dogs who are available for adoption too (with the foster parent's consent). Then they tend to be more relaxed about the notion that they are not there to lay claim to one particular dog, but rather are getting to know you and you them, and open all their options.


I am not fond of a candidate who, for whatever reason, disappears off the radar. The part about the medical emergency is fine, but there's more indicated in the doubt she expresses. I'd want to leave my options open there. Lucy sure as heck doesn't deserve any more boomerang action.


Good luck! I hope it works out!

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Dixie Gal, I don't think you did the wrong thing, you were just trying to be fair. Your comment, however, about the woman's husband having doubts about adding another dog would give me pause. As you probably already know, one of the criteria most rescues consider when evaluating applications is to make sure that everyone in the family is truly in favor of adopting a dog (and it sounds like your radar went up on that one), especially a spouse or another adult in the household. If one party is ambivalent, it might make it difficult for the adoption to work out. If this woman gets back in touch and says that she still wants Lucy, I would really press her about her husband's feelings on the matter. It would be a bummer to have them take Lucy, only to bring her back. However, maybe she and her husband have worked that out.


Good luck and I hope that Miss Lucy is able to find a wonderful forever home!

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I don't go by "who is first". I take the applications and make the best match for the dog. It is strange how some dogs can sit for months then all of a sudden it seems like everyone wants that dog!


Good luck -- you'll make the right decision, I'm sure.



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I've never been in the position to have to make that decision but I would agree with Rebecca. I think you'll do what is right for Lucy and if people can't deal with that, then so be it. Lucy it the MOST important ingredient in this mix :rolleyes: I hope she gets the great forever home she so deserves. Good luck, :D

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