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post-8335-1201186621_thumb.jpgHello all! First let me just say that I am so glad to be here!!! My name is Amy and I live in Jacksonville FL and the only person that I have to talk with about BC's is the breeder of my baby (which thank goodness for me just happens to be my Aunt). So I suppose I will tell you a little about my story. My Husband and I had been arguing for a couple of years on what type of new canine family member we wanted and just never could come to an agreement, so, we decided one day that we would agree to quit pushing the issue and when the time and dog came... we would know. I'm sure you know how this goes but I will tell it anyway... within two weeks my Aunt called me to tell me that her female was pregnant and asked if we would like a pup. So, we did our research, we prayed that we would have the time and patience required for such a breed and when the day came for us to pick out our pup we prayed some more. It was a rough first year trying to figure out what he needed, what we needed, and the realization that we really didn't know what we had gotten into. But now... well... he is almost two and I couldn't love him more, what he has brought into our lives, into our home, into our hearts... It can't be replaced. We now are getting ready to start our second set of obedience classes and are signed up to start the next set of agility classes. I wish that we could find someone that was more active on the Frisbee side here that we could pratice with but so far no luck. I know that the years to come will be wonderful and I am looking forward to them with an open mind, arms and heart. Thank you for letting me share a little of us with you and I am looking forward to getting a chance to know you all and share a love of BC's. Here's a little picture of my Blaze.
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