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An eww and a woo!

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The Eww: Shadow got some apple peels the other night, and we came home to a poop covered dog. 45 minutes in the tub to clean her up! Will this happen with apples? She LOVES them, but this was the first time getting the peel too.. and YUCK!


The Woo: Other than the apple peel incident shes been "regular" I took your guys' advice and started feeding her less, and now shes just right! 2 poos a day instead of 7 or 8. Thanks SO much!!!! She eats 1-1.5 cups of Canidae a day now and is sooo much happier, no more soft poo and no more pottying every 2 hours. Shadow gives you guys 4 paws up!

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My two both love to eat crab apples that fall off of the tree in the fall and have never had a problem.


Crab Apples? You mean those big green softball sized wrinkly things? I was always told those were poisonous. Please correct me if Im wrong or have the wrong thing in mind.

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Seeds and cores usually have arsenic (its what gives them the almond flavor). I don't give her the core, but the % arsenic in t shouldn't be enough to harm a dog.. or a mouse hehe. She just gets the flesh.


Also been giving her carrots, green beans, and cucumber she LOVES it!

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