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My first transport - update

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Well, I picked up Code this morning and he is on his way to BCROntario right now. HE IS A CHARMER!!!!! It's a good thing that I know my limit otherwise he'd be here instead. There was nothing about him to indicate he'd been abused (thankfully) and when I opened the back of my stationwagon and opened the door of the crate....in he hopped as pleased as could be! So, I suspect he's been crate trained at some point in time. He is a total wigglebutt and was most happy to get scratched! As for noise sensitive, I doubt it. He laid down in the crate, gobbled a couple of treats I had for him and settled down right away.

He MOST definitely needs a new name (I told Cindy already) :rolleyes: since he really didn't respond to Code (or Codie) for that matter.

I have a couple of pictures although he was wiggling so much it was hard to get them. I'll post them later.

All in all, it was a very good first experience. I know that other transports might be less so...but this was good!

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Congrats! It's a great feeling knowing you helped him out. Thanks for taking the time (and money) to help him find a home :D


(that is why I can't foster. It wouldn't be called fostering if I did it :rolleyes: )

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