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OT kind of: painting of sheep


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This is my friend Kathy's painting. She had a series of sheep that are so awesome (to me)....lots of character and humour, sweetness. The image quality isn't as great as I wish they were because there are amazing, tiny details in the background of each peice-like little dogs, cats, people and also just the wonderful quality of her painting technique and use of colors... There's another one that was too blurry, real horizontal peice with many many sheep called Count on Us.


The first one is called "3", and the second one is called "My Heros Have Always Been Shepherds"





I am waiting to hear if she has better shots but probably not so I went ahead and posted anyway.


PSS: is it okay to say she does commissions?



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Those are really fun! Does Kathy have a website or pictures posted on a gallery's website? I really like those and would like to know more.


Well we're working on trying to get her to make a website...we artists often fall short on the business end of things...huge problem really. If you like those you'd probably really love them if you could see those details.


She has her own shared gallery space at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria Virginia. She really enjoys doing commissions (some artists don't). I know those particular sheep are all sold but I am sure there will be more. Currently she has a show hanging called RED and it's about Red Riding Hood and a lot of play on words, and the grandmother being proud of her wolves...it's hilarious. She also had this great series of her imaginary dog Jellybean and has made a mini-book of those.

Can ya tell I am a big fan.

I love the sheep tho. I have a tiny sheep one that I attached. Maybe the use of the little details can be seen better.


Anyhoo if you want to pm me with your email I'm sure she'd be happy to answer any questions. She's really nice. ...or I can pm you with her email if you'd like.


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