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Built Oreo some jumps

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In order to keep my new BC busy I decided to start building some obstacles in the back yard. I made three jumps. One 8", one 12" and one 16". After a week of playing with the jumps she will go over all three. At first she would only go over if she was coming to me and I had her ball. Now I can position her with my finger and send her over all three jumps in order as long as I have the ball to throw when she is done. No ball, no jumping. Is it ok to have a command that is dependent on having a toy? I don't plan to compete with her, just looking to have fun and give her something else to do. I am going to increase the height on the jumps. How tall is too tall? What is the next best obstacle to build? I was thinking of weave poles with the swing joints so you can send her through the middle and then move the poles closer and closer. Are there others that may be easier for her to start on? My daughter told me yesterday on the phone that while I was gone, Oreo was in the yard jumping her jumps by herself. This dog is great. My 9 year old weener dog has come back to life since Oreo has arrived. He runs and plays fetch like he was young again. The dogs sleep together and a game of tug between the two is hilarious!

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Even if you don't plan to compete, you may want to look into an agility class before starting too many bad habits. Life changes and you may decide to compete. Are your jumps the breakaway type? If your dog can't knock the bar, you're looking for trouble. Or at least get an agility book or video for ideas. If you absolutely want to practice agility without proper guidance, I'd suggest a tunnel for your next obstacle.

Barb S

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