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Walmart, Target among others- pet Rx list


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Bradenton Herald

Posted on Tuesday, January 01, 2008



Publix offers free pills for pets





Pet owners are discovering they can get free antibiotic drugs for their

four-legged friends.


A spokeswoman at Publix said Monday she was surprised to learn that

veterinarians are among those prescribing from a list of seven common oral

antibiotic drugs dispensed free under a program that went into effect last summer.


"I was told many veterinarians are referring their patients to us, and we are

filling some of those prescriptions," said Shannon Patten, a Publix

spokeswoman. "I don't know how many people use it for their pets," she said.


The company announced in August it would offer a free prescription drug program

at more than 650 Publix pharmacies for seven common antibiotic drugs used to

treat conditions like ear and urinary tract infections.


Customers need only supply a prescription for up to a 14-day supply of one of

the seven medications. The seven antibiotics account for almost 50 percent of

the generic, pediatric prescriptions filled at Publix. They include

Amoxicillin; Cephalexin, generic of Keslex; Penicillin VK; Ciprofloxacin

(excluding Ciprofloxacin XR); Ampicillin; Erythromycin (excluding Ery-Tab), and

Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim (SMZ-TMP).


It's not unusual for pharmacies to supply medication for animals but it's

unusual to find free ones. CVS has a promotion in which it provides a handful

of free antibiotic drugs for people or animals, a CVS pharmacist said. And some

of the biggest retailers like Target and Wal-Mart offer more than 300 popular

prescription drugs for $4 each, according to their Web sites.

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I just heard a report on NPR about this yesterday, although the story focused on the Schnuck's chain out in MO. Apparently it's actually cheaper for the pharmacies to give some generics away than it is to have the pharmacist deal with insurance paperwork, etc. Pretty amazing, but nice for low-income folks especially.



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