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Ok guys, I need some good board Mojo. Ceana and Poco have vet appointments on Saturday morning to get the all clear of worms and to tackle some big issues. The E-vet mentioned that Poco may have a heart murmer, so fingers and paws crossed if you would please. Ceana is getting hip dsyplasia x-rays and an evaluation done. I do not know whether I wish that we have finally figured out what is going on with her, or if I wish that it is something else. Whatever it is I just want to make it better. Ack! Any good thoughts are greatly appreciated.



On a good note Mr Poco is finally looking like he is at a good weight. I am excited to see what he weighs. He was 22.5lbs when we got him, & a week after deworming he was at 27.5lbs. I am sure he weighs even more now, LOL he is still skinny as a rail though. He has started to fill out a bit in his shoulders as well. :rolleyes:

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On top of all of her other problems, Missy also has a heart murmur. The medication that the vet prescribed, however, has controlled this. In fact, on her last visit, we had run out of the medication a couple of days before, and the vet once again detected a slight murmur; up to that point, she was unable to detect the murmur after the medicinal regimen was instituted. So the medication is doing what it was intended to do. Even if Poco does have a heart murmur, it is still probably controllable with medication, and should not affect his quality of life. (I suffer from hypertension and SVT's; but with proper medication, they are controlled and do not pose a threat, and as a result I live an active lifestyle without worrying.)

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Good luck at the vets office. Let me know how it goes.

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