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"Help ... I did my research and we really wanted a forever dog, but we can't get this three month old puppy to stop biting my toddler's heels. I've bought all the books on Border Collies and the two vets I took her to tell me she's a purebread."


So, I go and pick her up. Haven't stopped laughing since.


Without further adieu, I give you ... a 3 month old "Purebread Border Collie."





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Weeeeell... there are registered bearded Border Collies (what some people would consider a Border Collie/working Beardie cross) but not very many and I highly doubt any would have ended up in random pet homes.


Very cute though! How big?

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I got a call for a four month old Border Collie pup in a shelter (in the days before easy internet access and digital photos - when we had the little squirrel-driven minivans and communnicated with smoke signals). I drove three hours to the shelter in the hills, and when I got there this lady leads out a purebred . . . .Bearded collie pup. There was no mistaking it. He was that dilute liver color, just gorgeous. I got them to hold him for the Beardie person, who I happened to know, and could get a hold of quickly, thankfully.


I'm thinking for this girl, maybe a doodle oopsie? Her ears are a bit droopy and long to be a Beardie. She's cute as a button, however - I don't think that she'll stay in rescue long!

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She's awful cute whatever she is. You didn't by chance get her from a ? She e-mailed me about border collies. I have no clue how she got my name. OK- edited. Was wondering about that. She said she knew I had an adult. Don't know how she knew that. Sorry about that!!

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Jodi, I sent you a PM on this pup.

At least, I think I did. I think I "friended" you too, whatever that means. I'm still trying to figure out the different buttons on this board. :rolleyes:


At any rate, I can't get this cutie pie out of my head and if for some unimaginable reason you can't find a home for her in the next 6 months to a year, I would be seriously interested (assuming we meet your criteria/she's suitable for us, etc.)

We have a very old pooch who seems to have started that slippery slope downhill (hopefully we can get another year out of him, but I'm not taking bets on it) so we can't take her now....but we will want another dog when Max decides to leave us.

I really thought I'd want another keeshond puppy once Max was gone, but Finn has turned me to the dark side. :D

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:lol: Happy Days To All I just wanted to update all of the concerned posters for this Wonderful CUTE Puppy. Unless this world has 2 puppies that look like this Doll; She has a new home. My husband and I adopted her on Friday 12/28/2007!


I will post pictures tonight to give a formal introduction of Widget.


Widgets Mamma



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