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what does your BC weigh?


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Oreo (12 year old female) is down to 40lbs, which is a good weight for her. She used to be up around 45 and was far too chunky.


Zoe (2.5 year old female) is around 29lbs, but she's a very petite girl and it's the right weight for her.

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Pam: 31 lbs; 18"

Dixie: 36 lbs: 19"

Mist: 28 lbs: 18"

Tate: 29 lbs: 19"

Libby: 30 lbs: 20"

Preacher: 42 lbs: 21"

and puppy Speck: 19 lbs (at 4 months....she's going to be a big girl): 16"


My uncle had a border collie from a breeder that does ACK shows...Lance was fit...and 71 lbs....very classic looking...just huge!

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You measure height from the whithers (shoulder blades) to the ground. I would suggest loosing the stick, and find a more appropriate toy, as stickes can lodge in a dogs throat. Very dangerous. Had it happen to one of my dogs years ago. He was 7 and had been fetching sticks all his life. Till one day......

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