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Stolen Truck & Dogs

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Hope this is okay to post here... I don't know anything else just passing it along.


Bob Vest's truck and dogs stolen in MO


Bob Vest's truck and his three Aussies were stolen this morning;

here's a news link and a posting that's going around. Please

crosspost. It's already up on K9AmberAlert.


Rev Oakes


There is an email contact below, however, if this truck is spotted, I

would also suggest contacting the Jackson, MO Police (573) 243-3151 or

the local sheriff/police (911) for the area you see the vehicle.


Herding Instructor's Dogs Stolen

Updated: Dec 6, 2007 12:44 PM

By: Heartland News


JACKSON, Mo. - A man's truck gets stolen, but even more importantly,

the stolen truck was carrying very precious cargo Wednesday night in



Bob Vest's three-quarter ton silver Dodge truck and three dogs were

stolen in a parking lot Wednesday night around eight o'clock.




CONTACT INFO and more details in forwarded email below:


Stolen truck with Aussies in the back


Dodge Ram - 2007 Big Horn Edition - Silver Diesel Pick up Truck

- -- Truck has Iowa Plates


There are 3 Australian Shepherds in the back of this truck - 1 black

tri male with a long tail - 1 black bi female with a bob tail and 1

blue merle male with a bob tail. The kennels are silver dog box type

that are built into the bed of the pick up.


The truck was stolen from a restaurant in the Flickerwood, Missouri

area - the dogs were kenneled in the back of the pickup. Anyone

have information or seeing the truck should notify the police in that



I will be out of town if you want an email contact please contact

gaff2pn2@aol. com


Thanks for any cross posting and help with this.



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The dogs and truck were all found together. Below are some of the messages that came thru tonight. Kathy



Good News, Everyone!


Bob's truck was just found, and the dogs are fine!


The truck had been abandoned in the Women's Baptist Center parking lot and someone noticed, this morning, that it had been there overnight and called the Sheriff. I believe she had seen the piece on tv that they did.



Just a quick update. Bob Vest's dogs (and truck) have been found. The

truck is still at the impound lot, but all three dogs are safely back with




Law enforcement found the truck, apparently undamaged with the dogs still in

the dog box. They will have to process the truck but are releasing the dogs



Thank you everyone for your concern, prayers and spreading of the alert.

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I don't know Mr. Vest nor his dogs. I am VERY grateful that they were found and all are OK. However, just a question and/or warning: One article I saw said that he had gone into a hotel lobby. So - was his truck running? Were the keys in the truck? Just wondering how it could have been stolen so quickly.


Believe me, I am not trying to blame the poor man. He's been through enough! But a similar incident happened earlier this year, and the folks had left the car running so the AC would be on for the dogs. YIKES.


If I EVER leave a vehicle running with dogs in it (very rare anyway), I still lock it up and use my spare key to get back in. Just a thought.


Again, I'm very glad the dogs are OK!



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