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Trying to teach him a few things


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I havent been really rushing teaching Rex a lot of things but I'm trying to get him to understand "Stay" and teach him not to chew things that arent his?


But anytime the words "Good boy" or anything remotely nice comes out of my mouth it is like a trigger for him to jump on me and keep jumping on me and he gets real hyper.


He also does this when I walk outside and its his way of greeting me?

(I mean i tell him not to but he doesnt seem to remember that 5 seconds later)


---------- any advice would be nice :rolleyes:


Hi Trey,


Can you remind us how old Rex is? Have you/are you taking him to any obedience classes? How do you normally react when he starts jumping up? I don't know anything about your doggie, but if mine started doing it, I would try to walk away and ignore the dog until it calms down. Reward only when he is not jumping up or acting inappropriately. I would also try to watch my tone of voice - if a happy tone excites him sooooo much (some excitement is good, of course), I would try to tune it down a little or even try to use a clicker? I am curious to see what others have to say...


Good luck!

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The way that we taught stay (and just about everything else for that matter lol) is with the clicker. Have Rex do a down on his bed, or some place that he is comfortable and there are not a lot of distractions. Tell him stay, take one step back, if he stays (even just for a second), click (and only click if he is staying never click if he is starting to break the stay), and step back to him and treat. Tell him stay, two steps back, click for the stay, go to him and treat. Slowly work your way back, and add side steps in, too. Eventually walk around him, leave the room, work on distance and duration and distractions in separate training sessions. Do this in short sessions, and always end while he is engaged and staying (always end training on an up beat, not if you or your pup are frustrated, even go back to one super simple thing to end on if need be). We use stay in games, such as hide and seek. Have him down stay on his bed, go hide a toy in an easy spot to find and release him to Find it! Or go hide yourself and then call him, have a party when he finds you!


As for the jumping just turn your back and ignore him when he jumps on you. You may need to tone your voice down when you praise him to a calm voice, but give him lots and lots of praise for the simple everyday things he does right.


The chewing thing is management. Don't set him up to be able to chew things he is not supposed to. Give him lots of good chewy things, and don't leave him unsupervised. If he starts on something he should not chew on, tell him no, take it away and replace with good chewy and lots of praise. When you can't supervise him he should be crated with a toy so he can't make those bad puppy decisions.

Remember, you are entering BC adolescence, so have your rules in place, be firm and fair and a strong leader to him, take lots of deep breathes, and know that he will grow up!

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