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Update on Satch


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They decided to try to treat him first for diabetes insipidus, since going to a specialist in a really pricey clinic costs 150.00 to just walk in the door.


So they put him on meds for that, in addition to giving him electrolytes. He did OK for a week or so, now he is uncontrollably peeing worse than ever.


His urine specific gravity -- numbers? There are none, it's so diluted. Otherwise, his energy level is good. Appetite is good. He just cannot control it. He'll ask to go out and hopefully they can make it in time. If they don't, he cannot hold it. This dog was a fastidious dog, and he'd have been horrified at urine in a crate. Now he pees in his crate too.


WTH? What's going on with him.

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I'll see if Satch's owner & I can pool our money together for a specialist. In the meantime, because he apparently had a set back with peeing, she took him into her vet again, who was the doc who put him on meds for DI.


All blood work is normal. This time though, urine specific gravity was normal. Go figure. WTH! He's still unable to hold it.


You all are right about a specialist, but this is mind boggling.

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