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Miss him so much..

Marilyn and Max

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Hi All

I was a member of these boards years ago when I first got my border collie Lou. These boards were so very helpful, and I'm glad I found it again!


I know, I know, I was warned by many and angered a few here when I talked about my dear "pet" Lou who was bought from a breeder in Central Kentucky just for the purpose of a "pet". I was even warned by my vet that "border collies don't make good house dogs".


I was 32 years old when I got him, single, just built a new home in the suburbs, and even invested in a fence.

Lou and I went to puppy school, obedience school, and frequented my parents in the country. This dog was my life.


He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor at 3 years old which surgery took care of.

He was diagnosed with several tumors on his feet, which the vet removed.


May 11th 2007, one day before my 44th birthday Lou fell ill.

He had contracted pneumonia with an underlying lung cancer. The antibiotics pushed him into DIC ( a failure of the blood to clot) and I put him to sleep.

I always promised him I would never let him suffer. Being a nurse specialist, I have seen my fair share of pain and suffering that is only prolonged by countless interventions which just lead to continued pain and suffering. The vet and I put him down alone, with the staff and my parents crying outside the door.


My quality of life has not been great, I miss him so. All of you that have ever lost a dog know how I feel.


I recently got married Oct 20th. (first marriage, at 44 ! )

I wish so much Lou could have stayed a while longer with us, but that's not how the plan worked itself out.


Even though Lou was not "worked" necessarily, his job was to "guard the house for mommy" and "bring me back the ball, and frisbee" It is hard to believe that 3 days before he died he was out running after his ball. He was a good dog.


Now to the point of border collie "pets". I agree with all that this type of dog was in fact bred to assist with farm "work". I many times looked at Lou as he and I grew older and wonder if I had not "robbed" him of all that. But for some reason, this little puppy with the dull coat came to stay with me. I believe he loved me and was happy.


The error--

My fiancee bought me another border collie puppy. At 44 years old now, I am almost too old to "keep" up with him.

He is 7 months old, bred well, and needs to "work".

I am in the process of working with some folks in my area to get him placed into a nice open area with livestock.


I got so lucky with my Lou. He was in fact a bit lazy, and was often ill with all this cancer. He was special to me, a good companion, but spent alot of time alone.


I am so glad of this wonderful experience I had with this special breed. There is no other like it.

Truly, this dog is not a being to be inhibited, but released as a free spirit.


Thank you for this time for me to express my feelings, and God bless you all.


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I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds to me like Lou had the very best person he could possibly have had. Now you're helping the pup find his own best person, and that's a pretty darn fine tribute to your boy.

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I don't know why some people say border collies don't make good pets. As long as you keep them active and you do have to be a little quirky yourself, they can live wonderful lives. I had to give up herding after I got divorced and lost my 40 acres and cash flow. That didn't mean my dogs didn't have a good life. Not every lab hunts. I think you did what was best for Lou and I know how you feel and my heart goes out to you. I've lost 6 border collies. I currently own one city border collie and he just plays frisbee and tennis ball and does obedience and soon will start agility. I'm sure Lou had a great life with you. Deepest sympathy.

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