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I Found a House that's Giving out Pups for Halloween

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While trick or treating with our son, we hit a house that had a gorgeous rott pup. She came running out into the yard when we knocked on the door and I told them how beautiful she was and he said "This is Roxie. You want her? She's free."


I replied, "What?"


He said "Yeah seriously."


So my husband Jeff finally got the rottweiler he has wanted for years. I even offered them money but he said no. They just couldn't deal with her and their small toddler daughter. Only problem is that she is very hand shy. (I can guess why).So it will be good to get her out of that situation!


He says that she is pure (Half gladiater lines)but they waited too long never docked her tail(who cares though!). We are to pick her up in two days. We need to do some shopping and puppy proofing of the house first. Right now we are house hunting so it won't be long before we have a bigger house too.


It's funny, because I put a prayer in that when the time was right my husband find the rottweiler he has always wanted. And it looks like he finally has. Roxy is a girl dog and the right age(4 mos old ), personality, colour and everything that he wanted!

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Good luck Beth with the new addition, we will need photo's though!! :rolleyes:


I don't know what part of that situation gets to me more, the fact that someone could just give a 4month old pup away to anyone at the door. Or maybe the fact that someone got that breed of dog with a young toddler and then couldn't cope so just gave it away.


I am sure that i am just over reacting to the breed thing and there are a lot of Rotties great with young kids. Four months though - it isn't exactly going to be any different from any other 4month old pup. I wish people would think more before getting any animal, it is too easy to just get rid or give them away. JMO


Oh well, i am glad that you are having her and at least they didn't dump her or anything i suppose. So it could have been worse for the little pup so thank goodness it was you that knocked.


You going to keep the name Roxie?, i like that. :D



eta - forgot to add, i am pleased for you that this is what you wanted anyway. It is kind of like fate. Hopefully it is a sign for you and your family of a better year ahead.


Oh and the moaning bit of me, i have had troubles with a neighbour - tiny West Highland pup with young kids and one reason for getting rid of it was the poor little thing was the wrong colour!!. So i am a little touchy now on the subject.


Keep us posted :D



eta again, i changed it to Westie not Jack Russel, that was another dog that she told me she had rehomed in another house at a different time. This was a little white Westie pup that unfortunatley had a yellow/cream streak down it's back!!. Sorry to go off topic Beth. :D

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I called the lady and she told me today that the reason she doesn't want Roxie anymore is that she heard a rumour that rotts kill babies. And that she wanted her out of there today! (So we ended up picking her up today).


Her husband however, was sad to see Roxie go. The wife brushed off his feelings and said, "He's only sad cuz he got Roxie from his Dad.... he'll be fine."


Hey- Their loss, our gain!


Roxie loves cats, dogs and kids of all ages. And her and Pepper hit it off immediately! Poppy feeling left out is coming along too...lol. He is alot less grumpy towards her now. They even played a bit!



I will post some pupper play pics in a moment.

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Well damn! My camera batteries needed charging. So these were all I was able to get for pics. These were taken later, during a walk around the block, after the park, and then at home, after Roxie was all wore out. But tommorow will bring more pics and this time of a more energized pupper!












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Awww, she's so cute!!!


Yeah, Rottweilers can be neat dogs. I miss the one that used to live next door. His name was Houdini, 'cause it seemed he could get out of anywhere. (I've seen him clear a 6' fence from a standing start.) Once he figured out I was usually good for a belly rub, he'd hop over most mornings. This was when my old dog was alive, so I'd take them outside, play for a while, then say "Houdini, go home", and he'd go.

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Awwww puppy pictures :D There is nothing better than any puppy. It doesn't matter what breed. They're all so cute.


Congrats on the new pup Beth. It sounds like it was fate. Things happen for a reason you know. Things are starting to look up now :rolleyes:

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Aww so cute!


I've heard of gladiator bulldogs, but never rotts! Beautiful, no matter the lines.

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