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Question about registering with ABCA

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I purchased my BC back in August of 2001. I got a great deal from what I understand...250 for him with ABCA paperwork. I was not worried at the time about his certification I just loved the dog for what he was, a great pet. I would like to get his papers with his right name and update myself as the owner.....I have never done this before and would like to know what I have to do and what are the qualifying factors for registry? His papers already have an ABCA # on them so he should qualify I think.


Any help on this would be appreciated.





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Guest TheRuffMuttGang

I think the transfer fee is like $8.00 and if you want to change his name, you just have to note that when you mail the old papers in. The previous owner has to sign the current paper at the bottom and you have to provide your new address, etc. If you go to the ABCA website you can find the address to which you need to send the old papers.

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There is a transfer of ownership section on the bottom left corner of the pedigree (see below). This needs to be filled out by you and signed by the prevous owner. Add a note to Patty that you would like to change the dog's name to _____. Send this and the fee into the ABCA.




Registration Fees

$8.00 fee for each dog registered ($16.00 if the dog is more than one year old but less than two years old, and $24.00 plus DNA test if the dog is more than two years old)

$8.00 fee for each transfer of ownership (accompanied by original ABCA registration certificate)

$2.00 fee for replacement certificate

$4.00 fee for the OFA clearance notation (accompanied by the OFA certificate and the original ABCA registration certificate)

$1.00 fee for decals

If paid by Visa the Fees are as follows:


Annual Membership - $10.50

Lifetime Membership - $110.00

Registrations - $8.50

Transfers - $8.50

OFA - $4.50

Duplicates & Corrections - $2.25

Decals - $1.25


Source: ABCA: Registration



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I have a related question. I have ABCA papers for one of my fosters. We were planning to have the owner sign the papers over to the rescue, which he was willing to do. But, he had briefly (less than 24 hours) relinquished the dog to someone else and had filled in the new owner's info on the bottom left and signed the papers. The man ended up giving the dog back the next day, but his info is now on the papers. Is there anything we can do?

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