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Bye bye uterus!

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Soooo Shadow was spayed yesterday, and I couldn't even be there to drop her off, visit her or pick her up. I feel SO guilty... but I have a good excuse! I was in the people hospital while she was in the doggy one LOL. I just want to bound over to her and bury my face in her fur, and I can't.. for either of our sakes! ARG! I'm on bed rest for the next few days, suppose it would be alright for her to join me in the bed? I'd have to get mom to lift her up there for me mind you.. but at least we could see each other. I'm fine BTW, had a viral GI infection and they were worried about my appendix.. all better now tho! But I can't baby my little Puperoni :rolleyes:

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I hope both of you are feeling better soon. It can actually help both of you heal up better if you both rest at the same time. Then you'll both be ready to play when you feel better :rolleyes:

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