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Advice needed please

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Can i please ask some advice -


A while back i put i had found a breeder ISDS registered who i thought looked positive but i was in no hurry. Well since then i have got on very well with the lady, found out loads of information (thanks to all who gave me advice both on here and pms on things to find out).


She has just rang me, there has been a problem. There were 6 pups that were two weeks old a week or so ago and the lady gave them Drontal puppy. She had never used the puppy one before, usually she said she uses Panacar. Anyway since that three have died. The other three are seeming to be well and healthy. They have been vet checked. The vet is convinced that the problem seems to be the worming tablet and a bad reaction. The last one died on Sunday i think. So they have been ok the rest since then.


I don't know what to do, perhaps i should say i will leave it and wait for some different pups or look for a different breeder. Obviously they are still young and we have to wait to see if they are ok in a few weeks time. The lady has been looking for advice to and wants to know if i get any information.


I will add although i don't want to give any names she is a well known breeder and trainer who has a good line of dogs. I believe this is a new thing for her and obviously she is upset about it.

I really would like to go for one of these pups still if they are well, she is going to keep them herself if they get sick or have problems.


Has anyone heard of this happening in pups?

If they seem healthy does anyone know of anything that might be worth me thinking about before having one?


I don't want to give the impression i am not after a sick dog but i don't want to take on a poorly pup especially as the breeder is keeping them herself anyway if they don't find homes.


Thank you


Eta - sorry i think i may have put this in wrong section, i really would appreciate anyones thoughts, either on here or pm.

I should have known something would go wrong ,I thought this seemed to good to be true, i was expecting to wait months until i found someone i liked and who did right by the breed. Then i find someone and now i am not sure what to do.

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No one, no matter how conscientious, can prevent against every possible contingency. By the same token, you are wise to give careful consideration to your options. In my experience, some reputable breeders are so confident about their stock that they will offer to replace a dog if something should happen to it. The breeder from whom I got Annie, for instance, has a lifetime guarantee and will replace any Border Collie she sells, even if the reason is old age. Is the breeder with whom you are dealing willing to give a guarantee, with free replacement of the dog? Just a thought...

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Thanks Bustopher,


That is not something i have thought about to be honest. I don't think i could ask that, it would seem strange to ask. I am not sure how i would come over asking it really. I wouldn't be so bothered (well of course pups have died that is sad) but everything else about this lady ticked all the right boxes. Like i put i quite expected to wait 6months or more until i found the right person etc.

Of course any animal can seem fine when you get it then get sick but i wondered if anyone had the same experience with worming medicines. If this is what they died of then has it damaged the other ones. I don't want to get attached to an animal and then loose it. ( i know that we can't tell what they are going to get in their lifetime but i want to try and start of with a healthy pup as i am taking the pup route this time)


Also someone has to own these other pups if they are ok, so it may as well be me.


It is a difficult one for me, these pups were seemingly healthy until the Drontal and the three that are ok have been ok all the time.


I guess i will just see how they go in the next few weeks.


I told myself not to get excited but after seeing photo's and updates i did and now i don't want to walk away really.


There are other people interested too so i am not 100% sure i will still be able to have one. She had other people interested before me. No one has picked a certain pup, the lady doesn't do that until they are older.

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