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My experience flying with an 8 wk old BC

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We did it! Caela and I survived flying from Denver to Nashville, (with a stop in Dallas) neither one of us any worse for the wear. She cried once for a minute and it was my fault, I was worried that she hadn’t moved for a while so I stuck my hand in the carrier to make sure she was breathing and she started up! (It’s the nurse in me.) No one knew there was a puppy on the plane until then! The second leg of the trip she was quite the entire time.



Things I learned:


  • Let sleeping puppies lie.
    Get a large carrier. She only weighed 12.2 lbs but the carrier on wheels that I got was way too small for her even though it said it was good for dogs up to 18 lbs. I got the large Sherpa carrier and it worked great!
    Carry baby wipes and paper towels. I didn’t need them for accidents but for cleaning her paws (and my feet) because the only place to walk her prior to departure was MUD.
    Sit next to the window, the carrier stuck out a bit none of the flight attendants fussed but it gave the people sitting next to me easy entry and exit. I was by the window on the first leg and the aisle the second.

Saturday afternoon we were able to hang out with Andrew, the man that gave me Conner 10 yrs ago and now Caela. He has three border collies and his girl friend has two. We went to the park for frisbee and ball with all six!





Clock wise top right is Caela's daddy, next is Sadie, the blonde is Lynne...she is Caela's step mom and mothered the puppies when her real mom was tired of them. Next is Caela and last Caela's mom Nell. And Andrew of course!



Thanks for all the good tips from my prior post, it made things much easier! It’s SO good to have a new baby!!! I’m in love. :rolleyes:












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