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Puppy gripping - controlling this behaviour

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Our new puppy (5 mos) is much more assertive than our 4 year old. About a week ago while they were playing all of a sudden one of them started yelping. I ran immediately to the puppy thinking the older guy had had enough, only to find out it was my Zoey crying. He was holding his front right leg up and wouldn't step on it. He cried for a full 2 minutes, during which time I held him and held his front "knee" firmly but gently while I calmed him down.


I was all set to drive him to the local hospital when my mother offered his favorite treat - liverwurst. At first mention of the "L" Zoey seemed to forget any pain and ran into the kitchen and right up to the fridge. Grandma gave him his treat and the "event" seemed to be over.


So, what I'm noticing now is the puppy - Princey, is lunging for Zoey's front leg (sounds like what you've described as gripping). I think it's probably because Princey wants Zoey to play with him, but Zoe's not all that interested. Princey's behavior is very nasty and rude. When I call his name he stops, but I'm not always right on top of them. Zoey is very submissive and doesn't defend himself at all.


We'll be starting obedience training after my hubby's hip replacement. Any suggestions in the mean time?





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What you can do as a human is put the pup in a time out if he is getting rough. The pup will learn that biting ends the fun. In the mean time give your older dogs some special alone time with the pup locked up. When doing anything with all the dogs in the room, like handing out treats or petting them, make sure the older dogs get everything first. Lavish the adults with attention and make sure the pup knows he is the lowest rank in the pack. It sounds harsh but it will make for a well adjusted adult.

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We definitely treat Zoe Zoe as the king of the house. Even my children's friends greet Zoey before Prince. I definitely like the idea of a "chill out" time when Prince goes too far. I'm hoping as time goes on Zoey will like playing with the puppy more and stake his own claim. For now, we're there for him.


Just today I saw Princey snarl at Zoe when while Prince was eating. Now that I really don't like. I've never had a food aggressive dog. Princey is always famished! I always thought BCs were picky eaters. Not mine! :rolleyes:


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