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It was like having a different dog

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My Dh and I spent the weekend down at the beach with a friend and her 2 dogs. My friend and I took Jackson and her aussie to Assateague Island. The last time I took Jackson down there on a Saturday we had a horrible day. He was lunging and barking. he was trying to run off and chase seagulls. He wouldn't settle down at all. He also lunged so hard at something that i got the leash all wrapped up in my hand and ripped a deep gash in 3 of my fingers. I think we left home with me crying the whole way. We have only ever gone back on a week day after that.


Well, he was a perfect angel Saturday. The park was pretty busy and he stayed in a loose lead heel the whole time we were walking. He whined a little bit while driving around, mainly at deer, but totally ignored the other dogs and the wild ponies. On the beach he barked a lot, but he was just rolling in the sand and playing with the puppy. But no lunging, no whining, no barking. When I asked him to quiet down when he was playing he settled down right away. I had to run back across this large parking lot full of horse trailers, horses tied up after a beach ride, dogs, picnickers and he ran in a slow trot while I jogged across the lot in a rush. He didn't even whine or bark at the other dogs while they barked at him.


On the way down we stopped at a gas station and I had to walk him all the way across the parking lot to potty. Another dog in a car was barking like crazy and lunging at their window. Jackson just looked up at me and we walked calmly through the lot with cars coming and going, people going in the store and the barking dogs. I was very impressed. I love seeing all of our hardwork paying off in new/stressful situations.


He was a mouthy brat all weekend when playing, but I cut him some slack. He was hanging out with 4 dogs and 5 people in his first house (my friend's parents), All in all he was great. I posted some pictures of him at the beach in the gallery section :rolleyes:

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That's great!! Congrats. It is always so great to have them behave so well. It makes us so proud of them, and how far they have come.

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