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BC's vs Australian Shepherds

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Hi everyone, I am the owner of three rescued bc's. I also work at a humane society. Does anyone have any good comparision chart to help tell the differences between bc's and aussies?


Of course some are obvious, but often we get dogs into our shelter that we are unsure. I realize that their is cross breeding that goes on between the two breeds, but it is nice to identify the dogs as to what we think they are.


I also live with a red tri bc that I have had people swear to me that he is an aussie.


Any information on the topic would be helpful.




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Having a dog that was sold to me as an Aussie - and ILP'd with the AKC as a border I guess I have first hand experience with this question!!LOL! I hang with a large group of aussies and borders and most definitely one of the main differences is in the way they work and their running style - - the best way I can explain it - the aussies 'bounce' and the borders are more low to the ground and elongated - - they will definitely work sheep differently too -- - not that you have sheep in the shelter - :rolleyes: - - the aussies will work close in and the borders tend to use movement and work farther out- - this is not to say a border will not have a bite at times - but they have more 'eye' than the aussies do - - -


Tess might have been ILP'd as a border - - the AKC went more on color as they don't see her work in a picture - - but she is all aussie in her movements and her play .....where aussies tend to be more physical - chest bumping ,ramming,etc and the borders would rather just play chase!


Hope this adds a bit more insight for you- -


Maggie, Tess, and 'when the heck is she comin home' Roz

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