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Say we (SAR handlers) are looking for a dog with specific personality for serious SAR work. Because it takes some time to evaluate the dog fully in different environment/situations, would any of you allow us to take the potential dog for a week or two? And if the dog works out and passes the evaluation, we adopt but if the dog didn’t pass we return the dog. The dog(s) will belong to the handler (not the SAR organization). Is this something most rescue groups are willing to do?

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I don't know that it's possible to say what most rescue groups are willing to do--but the one that I worked with pretty intensively for a while did exactly this on a couple of occassions. Once it was a match that worked out and once it wasn't.


Talking to someone at the rescue group and being up-front with what you are looking for and how patient you can be would probably work pretty well to judge the possibilities.

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We've done it. We tend to consider it a "long-term" foster situation where we still own the dog and after a few months when the handler can make an informed decision, we make the adoption official. BUT it depends on teh organization, handler, etc and the dog must, first and foremost, be a companion - not a piece of "equip". (ie, the handler must pass the standard home visit and application process) This usually isn't an issue but we make sure it is clear up front.

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If the applicant passes the application process, I routinely give all adoptees a two week "return with refund" on any adoption because sometimes, despite best intentions, things just don't go as would want them to. I've only had to actually do this twice but it generally reassures people that if they feel like they've hit a wall - they have an out. Many times the first few days with a new puppy can be really stressful but when people realize they have two weeks they get past the hump..so to speak...and life normalizes.


If someone came to me with your specific request and you passed all of my other requirements, I would probably consider a foster type arrangement so the adoption fee would be waived until you were sure.



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Inu, how did you know what I have been thinking? :rolleyes: With Ruger being 7 and Timber being 4 I have been thinking what my next move will be. I have been going back and forth over the pup or rescue route. Like I have been told before, you just don't know with a pup. So the idea of looking at a rescue that has been fixed, utd on shots and evaluated by a foster family appeal to me. But I have wondered about the whole honeymoon period as well. I still need to decide if I want a pup or a rescue. But it is good to know that some of the rescues out there are willing to work with me. :D

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That's great.

In that case...Can you guys (rescue folks) keep me in the back of your mind. If you ever, in the future, get a dog that might be a little too much to be just a companion dog but has the following qualities, please think of me. I have been going back and forth about getting the 3rd dog. I have more reasons not to get the 3rd dog. For example: We have a perfect pack structure with our 2 and I don't necessary want to break that. Also we are now financially comfortable looking after and spoiling our two dogs but adding another one can change that of course. I like giving lots of attention to each dog and adding another dog will change that. My car will only fit 2 dogs so I can only take 2 at a time to training. I am still considering getting a bigger SUV though. It's a decision between a dog owner and SAR handler - within me. And it's a hard one.


If I decided to get him(her), he will be kept indoor like my current 2. Basic care plus consistant training, physical exercise, obedience, lots of love, socialization and exposure to the world in many ways. Will have pet insurance, vet care and high quality food.


Again, I am not in a hurry. I still need to wait for other matters to be cleared before making the decision. It will take some time. I know it can take months or more to find the one dog so I am just throwing this out to you. I also have other handlers who would be interested.


You don't have to search the petfinder.org and send it to me. I'd like to hear from the rescue person who lives with the dog.


Thank you.


Must haves:

No known health issue

Extremely people friendly including children

Drive – willing to do anything for a play reward. Tug play much preferred

Hunt – would look for a hidden toy until found

Nice food drive

Nerve strength - No noise sensitivity (mechanical, thunder, metals etc)


Age – 6 months to 15 months

Breed - Border Collie

No dog-dog aggression




Smaller in size

It doesn't hurt if he looks like my girl :rolleyes:

I can work with other issues. Hyper crazy out-of-control type of dog is great as long as it has no aggression issue

Cat friendly

Male preferred – will be neutered

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It's a shame you didn't mention this a week or two ago. Maddie was being evaluated for disaster work, but I decided to wash her when she seemed to have too many issues with shaking footing at agility. She'd still have been a great option for wilderness, water, etc. But she went to a great home, so I'm not complaining. :rolleyes:


If I have any others come along, I'll let you know. Do you or any others on here do any narcotics work? I actually have a question regarding a dog I'd like to ask.

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